Made in France

Assembled and made by hand, all of our pieces are adorned with a French creation. Established in the Tarn, the family workshop has been recognized for its unique and traditional know-how since 1930.

Respect for tradition has earned it the label
“Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant”.

In the workshop, each piece is cut, sewn, glued, lined with meticulousness like the work of a purely artisanal goldsmith combining modernity and tradition.

Leather goods a French know-how of excellence

A profession renowned and recognized throughout the world, resulting from a long and prestigious know-how. A craft and a craft rooted in the heart of French heritage that perpetuate ancient gestures and techniques. A considerable success for this creative sector which has been able to adapt to new technical and creative requirements.
Our products are made by small expert hands combined with remarkable know-how to ensure a high quality finish.


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