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“We are the 1st generation to face the impacts of man-made global warming and the last to have the opportunity to avert the climate crisis.”
— Condé Nast— 

Contribuer à protéger notre planète,

c'est sur cette volonté qu'est née Lérisa.

New design possibilities

A collection designed for you, designed to last,
better for the planet.

Helping to protect our planet, Lérisa was born out of this desire.
Guided by principles of transparency and environmental awareness, we want to offer you the best of sustainability. From the choice of materials to the entire production chain, nothing is neglected to reduce our impact.
Towards a future source of new opportunities,
that we want to be responsible, committed and honest.

Natural and recycled materials

Each material has been carefully analyzed and then selected to meet our ecological requirements. The materials we use, natural, vegetable or recycled, favor eco-sustainability. Grapes, linen, hemp, recycled textile fibers, natural glue make up the different parts of our models.

Made in France

Our models are made in France in a certified workshop that respects tradition. Support for our craftsmen, a guarantee of quality, no assembly line work and local production to minimize our carbon footprint.

No cruelty

Concerned about animal well-being and compliance with ethical standards, we have chosen not to use any material of animal origin, making all our models entirely vegan.

Environmentally friendly

We are fighting for the present to preserve our environment, by supporting innovation in recycling and thus limiting the waste of our non-renewable resources.
Our production is sustainable and respectful of the environment. planet, people and animals.
Designed for you, built to last.


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