A material derived from grapes, innovative, durable and resistant. Among the various plant "leathers" on the market, grape plant material is probably the most incredible in terms of results. Similar to leather, it is a beautiful natural alternative to animal leather.

La peau de raisin : l’innovation au service du futur

Créée en Italie par la start-up Vegea®, la matière végétale de raisin est la plus primée de toutes les innovations en matière végétale.
Innovante, durable et de haute qualité, elle est fabriquée à partir des résidus de l’industrie vinicole.
Pour tisser un m² de matière végétale de raisin et faire un sac en raisin, il faut en moyenne 2,5 kilogrammes de marc de raisin, ce qui représente 7 pieds de vigne. Avec un avantage énorme : la production de raisin est abondante en Europe et en Méditerranée, et le marc de raisin issu de la fabrication du vin est un sous-produit abondant de la viticulture, dont le recyclage ou l’élimination doivent se faire dans le respect des normes environnementales.

The manufacturing process

After the grape juice is extracted, organic material remains called grape marc which includes the skins, stems and seeds of the grapes. Classified as “low environmental impact”, the manufacturing process begins with the recovery of these residues.

They are dried then ground and reduced to a fine powder.

The powder is then mixed with a base composed of grape vegetable oil and water-based polymer (PU 25%).
The whole thing is to solidify the material, to make it resistant and waterproof.

We obtain a thick paste which will be colored then spread in the form of wide strips on a recycled fiber and then the whole thing will be dried.

Grape skin does not contain:

✕ No toxic chemicals

✕ No toxic solvents

✕ No heavy metals

✕ No substances dangerous to humans and the environment.

Grape skin certifications

Vegea® received the first prize of the Global Change Award for the development of an innovative material.

The grape skin is certified vegan, compliant with REACH, OEKO-TEX STANDARD 10 and Global Recycling Standard .

Download here the Vegea® brochure containing the certifications.