Nature offers us inexhaustible solutions for living in harmony with it, starting with trees. In the face of the challenges ahead of us, trees are our most powerful allies in preserving life on earth and fighting climate change.

How important are trees to the environment?

Environmentally, the tree is very important for the survival of human kind.
Without the 300,000 different forms of tree species, all that covers the planet could not have to exist. Trees are the source of life. With their function of photosynthesis, they are qualified as oxygen producers. In addition, it should also be noted that trees can store a maximum of carbon dioxide. The primary role of trees is to purify the air. They largely help in the growth of animal life on earth.




The tree and biodiversity

In terms of forests, the diversity of organisms is essential to ensure the health of a natural environment.
The absence of even a single plant species can lead to the annihilation of several animal species. The same is true for plants that serve as food for animals, more specifically trees. Thus, trees provide shelter for animals in addition to feeding them.

Trees against soil erosion

Tree leaves form organic matter when they cover the land. This stabilizes and regulates the hydrology of the soil and the level of the water table. Also, tree roots are what hold the ground together in sloping terrain.

Trees reduce temperature differences

A tree releases water vapor into the air through the process of evapotranspiration. At the same time, deforestation increases air temperature and wind speed. This means that a tree can protect us by acting as windbreaks. These few reasons show us the importance of planting trees. They are an essential asset for the climate and the reduction of pollution.



Since our beginnings, we have been working to protect the environment. Committed to the future of our planet, we want to ensure a better environment for future generations.
Trees are our most powerful allies in preserving life on earth and fighting climate change.
For each model sold, we plant a tree with Reforest'action, in the areas most affected by deforestation.

The benefits generated for 1 planted tree

・CLIMATE: 0.15 tonnes of CO2 stored
・BIODIVERSITY: 3 animal shelters created
・HEALTH: 4 months of oxygen generated
・EMPLOYMENT: 1 hour of labor created

Why be involved with Reforest'Action?

It is mainly a collective planting platform that offers everyone the opportunity to plant trees on reforestation projects. REFOREST’ACTION has existed since 2010 thanks to Stéphane Hallaire. Its main mission is to raise awareness and operate in favor of forests.
Currently, this platform officially deals with the forests of France. This means that its actions are essentially aimed at planting trees in France. However, its reforestation projects also aim to restore forests abroad. Each company involved with this green platform participates openly in its action to protect the planet.

How can I get involved?

We are happy to work with you and make a sustainable contribution to major climate and biodiversity issues. For each model sold, we plant a tree with Reforest'action. Then, we send you the planting certificate by e-mail.


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