Leather goods committed to the planet

We offer you pieces with pure and timeless lines, developed with respect for people, animals and our planet. Vegetable leather goods, committed and resolutely refined. All our models are made by hand, in France.

Natural and recycled

Each material is meticulously analyzed and then selected to meet our ecological requirements.

Made in France

Assembled and made by hand, all our pieces are adorned with a French creation in order to offer you all the richness of traditional know-how.


Concerned about animal well-being and compliance with ethical standards, we do not use any materials of animal origin.

Contributing to protecting our planet, it is on this desire that Lérisa was born.
Guided by the principles of transparency and environmental awareness, we want to offer you the best of sustainability. From the choice of materials to the entire production chain, we leave no stone unturned to reduce our impact. The materials we use, natural, vegetable or recycled, favor eco-sustainability. Grapes, linen, hemp, recycled textile fibers, natural glue make up the different parts of our models.





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