Materials that reflect our philosophy.
Each material has been carefully analyzed and then selected to meet our ecological requirements. The materials we use, natural, vegetable or recycled, favor eco-sustainability. Grapes, linen, hemp, recycled textile fibers, natural glue make up the different parts of our models.


Similar to leather, this grape plant material is a great alternative to animal leather. Sustainable, innovative and of high quality, it is made from the residues of the wine industry.
Created in Italy, grape plant material is the most awarded of all plant material innovations.
It does not does not contain any toxic chemicals, toxic solvents, heavy metals or any substance dangerous to humans and the environment.

Provenance: Milan, Italy
Certifications: Global Recycled Standard - REACH Compliance



The fabric we use for the lining of our handbags is a 100% recycled polyester textile from the recycling of plastic waste collected in the oceans.

Provenance: Alicante, SpainCertifications: Seaqual® - Global Recycled Standard - STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®



A pillar of the circular economy: Giving new life to materials. A lot of waste is eliminated at the time of cutting and it increases from year to year.

The linings of our pouches come from scraps from the textile industry and the ribbons of our zippers are made of 100% fiber recycled.

Origin of our linings: Lyon, France
Origin of our zippers: Palazzolo sull'Oglio, Italy
Certification: Global Recycled Standard


An ecological plant with many advantages.
Hemp is grown locally, requires no chemical treatment, needs very little water, and cleans the soil: Its roots can store the heavy metals present in polluted soils.

The rope structuring the inside of our handles is 100% natural. It is designed with the strongest vegetable fiber there is: hemp fibre.
Provenance: Germany


Linen is a vegetable fiber with low environmental impact and socially responsible. A noble and virtuous material.

Slid into a natural, reusable and 100% biodegradable linen pouch, our products are thus packaged with the greatest care. The pouches are made in a workshop adapted for people with disabilities.
Origin: Linen grown in Normandy, woven in Alsace, pouches sewn in Brebières, Pas-de-Calais, France.


A high-performance, 100% ecological biosourced glue in natural latex. Vegan glue.
Provenance: Ingwiller, (Alsace) France


A composite material to reinforce the structure of our bags, made from 100% renewable and eco-sustainable sources such as recycled polyester and cellulose.
Origin: Germany
Reinforcement of our pouches: certifications: STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® / Higg Index / FSC®

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