Our history

An alarming finding

⅔ of Amazon deforestation

A massacre caused for the benefit of the cattle industry, whose intensive farming promotes the export of beef and leather around the world.


Some leather comes from developing countries where health, social and environmental standards are regrettable.

“Fashion passes, but the environmental impacts it causes last over time to the detriment of the planet and people”

“Passionate about fashion, I was a big consumer. I had never wondered about the damage caused by the textile industry on the other side of the planet.
When I became aware of this real social, health and environmental disaster, it was an electric shock! This marked the end of my excessive purchases!

Aware of the environmental issues, I wanted to make my contribution by acting for the good of others. The leather industry being extremely polluting, my choice fell on the creation of a line of vegetable leather goods, a choice more respectful of the planet, humans and animals.

Also, I decided to review everything, to analyze each component in order to find the most responsible alternative possible."

“Today, my team and I are very proud to present this lovely first collection.”


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